The ACM-SBC Programming Marathon ( is a national event traditional at the field of Computer Science and annually occurs since 1996. The objective of the competition is to stimulate the students concerning the development of creativity, team work capacity, search for new software solutions and solve problems under stress. Teams of three undergraduate students compete in the marathon, having 5 hours to solve the biggest number of the proposed problems. In this training activity, study groups are formed to resolute and discuss programming challenges similar to the ones proposed in the marathon, aiming the participation of teams of this institution in the competition.


This event is performed inside the UFSCar-Sorocaba, as a mini programming marathon, with the double intent of disclosing the Programming Marathon and selecting the students, which will take part in the competition.


This activity has as its main objective to complement the professional and academic education of the computing students, spreading knowledge of new trends of the field. The first edition, in 2009, initiated from the students, members of the Academic Center and the professors of the Bachelor program of Computer Science, of the UFSCar’s campus Sorocaba. Since 2009, the event has been having large participation, receiving visitants among professors and professionals of the field of information technology, students of UFSCar and other institutions of the region. The event exhibits rich programming of computing related contents, including technical lectures and mini courses. The objective of the SeCoT is to encourage the debate of current topics of computing, technological innovation and industry, among students of the course, the community of Sorocaba and its region, which holds interest concerning the field, enabling contact with other researchers from other institutions, and professionals of the Information Technology market, whose function on public and private industries. The event is commonly organized into two stages (morning and afternoon) with lectures and mini courses distributed through the periods.


The student of UFSCar has the opportunity to produce scientific initiation work with or without scholarship. The scientific initiation is directed to initiate the undergraduate students to research and has as its purpose to supply the scholarship holders with research methods, as well as promoting the development of scientific thinking and creativity, resulting from the conditions generated from the research and; contribute to the academic and professional education of undergraduate students, valuing the initiation in the process of scientific research, through the interaction with and among professors and researchers.