Vision & Philosophy

The Department of Computing of Sorocaba (DComp-So) associated to the School of Management and Technology (CCGT) of the Federal University of São Carlos (UFSCar) was created in 2011 with the mission of developing teaching, research and extension activities of Computing and connected segments. In its years of lifetime, the DComp-So performs an important and increasingly role in the regional scenario, educating human resources and in the development of Computing.

With faculty members entirely constituted by doctors, today, it includes an undergraduate course, Bachelor of Computer Science, a Master’s Program of Computer Science, MBA in IT Management and Cloud Computing and a specialization program in Software Engineering. The DComp-So researchers approach miscellaneous themes, such as algorithms and distributed systems, machine learning, databases, smart cities and Internet of Things, cloud computing, parallel computing, user interface for mobile devices, object-oriented programming languages and computability, graph theory, and computer vision and robotics. A fraction of the DComp-So researchers organized themselves into two research laboratories: the LaSID (Laboratory of Smart and Distributed Systems) and LERIS (Laboratory of Network, Innovation and Software studies). The DComp-So develops and promotes extension activities, such as the ones related to the Programming Marathon, in addition to free software, sustainability, entrepreneurship and accessibility projects.